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Prof. Somdeva Sharma - Teacher with an elegant Style of Teaching
Dr. Mahesh Bhandari

Prof. Somdeva Sharma was an inspiring teacher who taught me in post graduation (1969-1971) in DAV (PG) college, Dehradun. He, by his magnetism and creativity has not only furthered the cause of 'Plant Taxonomy' but has also instilled in his students a high sense of devotion and perseverance.

He was not merely a teacher but a 'guru', always appreciable and kind but firm in conviction and principles.  He was always my guiding star in my success and it was his blessings which took me where I am today- teaching the same subject in DBS (PG) college since 1971.

He was a charismatic teacher with a pleasing personality and an elegant style of teaching. He always taught plant taxonomy through field studies as the plants existed in nature. He always credited and encouraged his students by recognizing their work. I remember, when I got my first paper published entitled " A note on the occurance of Saccharum rufipilum  steud. in the Dehradun Shiwaliks" 1971, I requested Sir, for the co-authorship on this paper, which he refused and said, "Look here, Mr. Bhandari, it is your effort so publish it in your own name", which shows his nature of giving credit to his students.

His untimely death is a personal loss to me and I wish to record the deep sense of condolence and wish to the 'Latent Force' to give enough strength to the bereaved family to bear this loss.

Dr. Mahesh Bhandari
Department of Botany
DBS (PG) College