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Dr. Wazahat Hussain

I joined D.A.V. College Dehra Dun as a student of B. Sc. 1 year in 1955 and was lucky to have a teacher like Prof. Som Deva Sharma, He taught me Plant Taxonomy - a most disliked subject in Botany -- but he taught in such an interesting way that I grew interest and truly speaking what I am today and what I had achieved in my long career of almost 40 years is all due his blessings, love affection, guidance and encouragement all the time.

 In 1985, when I was appointed a member of Unani Pharmacopoeia Committee, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, New Delhi, as an expert for the authentic identification of plants, I reached Dehra Dun and paid a visit to him. He was very happy and gave me some important tips. Further, when I was inducted in Ayuryeda Siddha, Unani Technical Advisory Board (ASUTAB) Ministry of Health; and F.W. New Delhi in 1991, he encouraged me as usual and provided some useful tips.

As a matter of fact I was always in his touch and my every visit to him acted as a catalyst and boosted my career.

I canít forget the day when I visited Dehra Dun along with 20 students of B.Sc. (Final) on an educational tour. On phone I informed him that I was in Dehra Dun along with my students and wished to visit him. He, being a very large hearted person, told me to come along with all the students. He and respected Madam Sharma, arranged a grand At Home for us

Not only this, but to my surprise he brought a copy of the book entitled 'Orchid Flora of North West Himalaya' and presented it to me and to my luck he wrote a note on the cover page "Presented to Wazahat Husain - one of my best disciples" although I never deserved such a remark but it was his greatness and large heartedness to encourage his students. I still have the book as one of the biggest and most valuable treasure of my life.             

He is no more with us but his teachings and moral values will always be the guiding force for all of us. May Almighty God grant peace to his noble soul peace and give us the courage to face this hard time.


4th March, 2O05

Wazahat Husain                                                                                        
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