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Somdeva Sharma- An Appreciation
M. Anantaswamy Rau


Prof. Som Deva Sharma, formerly of the department of Botany, D.A.V. College, Dehradun, passed away recently. I had the privilege of knowing Prof. Sharma since 1956 when I went to Dehradun to start the Northern circle of the Botanical Survey of India. i have known him since then. He was a unique botanist and is to be admired for the collection of plants of the Garhwal region and building up a Herbarium of his own, all at his own expense. While all of us depended on government funding for the collection of plants and building up a Herbarium, he was unique in achieving all this at his own expense.

Prof. Sharma also authored a very valuable work on The Orchid Flora of North West Himalayas, a modern work, a version of the subject of a valuable book on the same subject, published early in the twentieth century by J. F. Duthie.

In his sad demise the botanical community has lost a dedicated worker and a unique personality


963, Lakshmipuram

22nd March, 2005