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The North-West Himalayas no longer remain a vastly uncharted frontier. For the first time since J.F. Duthies’ book written three-quarters or a century ago, here is a pioneering effort by two dedicated scientists, Professor Som Deva and Mr. H.B. Naithani, to bring out a truly comprehensive and original work. Professor Som Deva recently died on the 29th of January, 2005.


It is a special tribute to the perseverance of a man totally devoted to his profession as a teacher and as a botanist; working unselfishly in the interest of science and the greater promotion of botany as a faith.

I have a deep respect for Prof. Deva, my father, borne out of watching his keen enthusiasm over a period of at least 20 years, which I can consciously remember. Those long treks to the Himalayas, year after year; the collection of every plant a story in itself, so precisely put down with minute details in his field notebooks.

The Orchid Flora of North-West Himalaya, a monumental work painstakingly researched over a decade, brings to you critical commentaries and updated descriptions of 239 species including six new additions, with 260 original, beautifully drawn full format illustrations showing both internal and external structure. It is a work of International significance, accomplished privately without recourse to institutional funding. An invaluable book for explorers, naturalists herbal medics, the research scientist, taxonomists, critical leaders in the subject and orchid enthusiasts the world over.

Vivek Sharma


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