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Surgeon Commodore (Retd.) Dr. A. K. Verma

The news of the passing away of Prof. Som Deva Sharma must have shocked all- his friends, relatives and all his old students. Of course it is a great loss for the family especially Mrs. Sharma.

I first met him when he joined the botany department of DAV college in the 50s as our Botany teacher, as a teacher he was very knowledgeable, articulate and had clear concepts. His teaching style was very interesting and made a dull subject like Botany very interesting. He was one of the smartest and most handsome, well dressed young Professor of the college and earned an instant respect.

I was one of the lucky students who again met him after my retirement from armed forces. The cycle has moved full circle. He too had retired from his college and we met in the capacity of a patient and a doctor.

It was a very happy coincidence for both us. He had a feeling of great pride and pleasure to be treated by his old students. For me it was an honor to treat and serve my old teacher, this feeling lasted till his last days.

During the last few months of is life his health was very fragile. With his multiple problems, he had many limitations to undergo his dental treatment. Some how with his strong will power, his treatment could be completed.