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 Reviews of The Orchid Flora of North West Himalaya

What Internationally Famed Orchidologists say

Prof. (Dr.) K. H. Rechinger
Beckgasse 22
A 1130 Vienna

"It is a remarkable piece of work, and it could serve as an example for other monographs of NW Himalayan plants.I admire the critical analytical spirit as well as the artistic skill of the drawings. To me personally the work brings something of the enigmatic skill of nature creating and varying patterns endlessly"

Dr. Gunnar Seidenfaden
Borsholingard, 3100 Hornbaeck

"What is new and praiseworthy in the book is the taxonomical treatment. They give keys for identification and careful descriptions of each species, listing the specimens they have seen etc. As far as I can judge from a first cursory reading we have found a lot of very useful information which will have lasting value. So I feel that the book will find a broad readership."

Dr. J. Renz
Kirschblutenweg 12,
CH-4059 Basel

"Congratulations for the high standard of this scientific book! The whole work is a very valuable and indeed an important contribution towards the scientific advancement and better knowledge of the Orchid family in the Himalayas"

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